First steps


1. Sign up!

If you have not yet registered Guabina, you can do it at the beginning of the page section Register. Simply enter the account name and the information you requested. After a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email containing a link. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.

2. Download and installation

Download the game software in the section Download of our page. Double-clicking on the file will begin the installation. Then choose a place on your PC where you want it to be installed and you Guabina icon appears on your desktop.

3. Guabina start

Double click the file located on your desktop Guabina Game, once opened the game enter your account name (ID) and password.
To start playing you must choose to create a character of the 4 races of either sex, male or female available.


The detailed tutorial will explain how to navigate our server and list of keyboard shortcuts that will help in managing the game.

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